Covering the Beaver, Cedar City, St George and southwestern Utah area. We normally hold our meetings at the Sportsman’s Warehouse in St. George. You can find us on Facebook@colorcountryanglerssu or our website Currently there we have about TU 150 members in our Chapter.

The Southern Region sport fish crew has a lot of great projects scheduled for the upcoming field season and we’d like to invite you to participate whenever and wherever you like. Many of the projects are gill net surveys, but there are a few other things that might interest you. Due to weather, snowpack, etc., dates are tentative and can be changed at the last minute. As the date for the project approaches, they will contact you with more details on time, meeting place, etc. Keep in mind, we never turn down volunteers but, if we get a lot of people signing up for one project, we’ll end up splitting into multiple crews and you may have to take a turn on the boat.

Future projects working with DWR include: Gill net surveying at Minersville Reservoir, Otter Creek Reservoir, Forsyth Reservoir, Mill Meadow Reservoir, Pine Lake, Tropic Reservoir, Panguitch Lake, Kolob Reservoir, Navajo Lake, Fish Lake forage fish netting and Kokanee netting, Boulder Mountain, Dougherty Basin Colorado River cutthroat trap and spawning, Manning Meadow Bonneville cutthroat trap and spawning, Bonneville cutthroat trout monitoring (electrofishing) East Fork Sevier River.

Pinto Creek Restoration Work




Brook Trout Study Boulder Mountains

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Baker Reservoir Brook Trout

Baker Reservoir

Baker Reservoir

Mike Hadley, DWR, setting up project

Mike Hadley, DWR, setting up project


Mike Hadley, DWR, setting up projectA few members of CCA along with members of Southern Utah Anglers helped to catch brook trout for a project study that will restore Colorado cutthroat to the Boulder Mountain lakes. We were instructed to catch and return the live brook trout to a fish trap set up by the UDWR at the lakes. We enjoyed catching a lot of trout over the few days we helped out. A beautiful place for sure.

Mike shared the results of the brook trout survey: We were able to collect blood samples from 34 brook trout in each lake, as well as another 8 from the Barker Res inlet stream. All of the fish in Barker Res (including the inlet) were sterile (triploid). Of the 34 fish from Joe Lay, 7 were found to be fertile (diploid), while the rest were triploid. What this means for our cutthroat restoration project going forward is still to be determined, but we appreciate your help in gathering the information we need to make those decisions.